We, The South Central Chapter are members of one of the several different chapters of the parent American Coach Association.

American Coach

All members are proud owners of either an American Heritage, American Eagle, American Tradition, American Allegiance, American Dream, American Limited, and American Revolution coach. These Coaches are built by American Coach of Decatur, Indiana.

Our chapter draws its membership base from the states of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana. But, if you live in another state, own an American Coach motor home, interested in joining our group, contact us. You will be heartily welcomed by a great group of members.

South Central Chapter members are a fun-loving group of folks that all have this one thing in common – FUN!

Each rally we attend provides everyone a chance to see more of our beautiful country and the treasures it has to offer. Meeting up with friends from times past and forming new friendships along the way is always a pleasure to behold.